Feb 21, 2024

Feature Highlight - Using Layup's AI

Layup's first AI feature just launched! LayupAI can now generate daily itineraries for your clients based on their trip information and information you provide.

Here's how to get started with LayupAI

  1. Create a trip, or select an existing trip in the Layup Dashboard

  2. Click "Itinerary" to start editing this trip's daily plans

  3. Next to each day, you'll see a button that will open the AI prompt.

  1. Tell the AI what you want to generate for this day

  2. Click Generate, and wait for the response

Each of these items is initially listed as a "Suggestion." You can click edit and change the tag name, or the entry title to better fit your client's trip, or if the suggestions aren't quite what you're looking for, you can just delete them.

AI Features Coming Soon

  • AI-Assisted research tools: Layup will search the internet, and help you learn more about the destination, and suggest content to add to your proposal or itinerary.

  • Proposal Writing: Create proposals and client communication automatically for each client.

Ready to Try LayupAI?

Just click here to create an account, there's no upfront payment or credit card needed to get started. You'll have 14 days to try Layup and see all of its features in action.